Sculptra 2 Vials (2x5ml)

Sculptra 2 Vials (2x5ml)

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Sculptra is an enduring treatment approved by the FDA for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss, or lipoatrophy.

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Sculptra: Why? The collagen is essential for the rejuvenation of the skin
Proven benefits
Sculptra boosts the collagen production by using essential active ingredients. Thanks to this, the skin is hydrated, firm and plumped. Therefore, you will be able to acquire natural and discreet results thanks to the rejuvenating active ingredients contained in this product.


Throughout the sessions, you will see that your wrinkles are reduced and, that your skin is more hydrated and firm, due to the increase production of your own collagen.
So if you want a younger,plumped and firmer skin with naturalresults, Sculptra is the solution for you!


Long-lasting results
The results are visible on a short-term basis with a rapid increase in volume thanks to the recent injection. After a few days this reaction fades to give way to an improvement in the volume and quality of the skin over the long term. Gradually, you and your loved ones will find that you look younger and more radiant.
The results described usually last up to two years. It all depends on the amount injected as well as your personal characteristics such as your age, genetics, lifestyle etc.
Treated areas – Sculptra (2x5ml)


Sculptra can be applied to wrinkles and scars on the following areas:
Marionette lines
Nasolabial folds


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