Restylane Kysse with Lidocaine (1x1ml)

Restylane Kysse with Lidocaine (1x1ml)

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Creates fuller plumper lips with a beautifully defined contour


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This product is a dermal filler indicated for injection into lips for lip augmentation. The product is designed to give your lips volume and enhance the contour of the lips to create soft, naturally looking lips. This gel based on hyaluronic acid binds inside your lips.




Restylane Kysse Lidocaine is designed to correct the following areas of your lips:  


Philtral crests – for an enhancement of the Cupid’s bow


Lip contours


Perioral wrinkles


An increase in lip volume




1 syringe of 1 ml


2 sterile needles


30G 1/2


20 mg / ml of hyaluronic acid




Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20 mg      


3 mg / ml of lidocaine       


Phosphate buffer pH 7 - qs ad 1 ml



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